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Compassionate, Relational, and Culturally-Informed Psychotherapy


Yoshiko Hall, Psy.D.

Hello! I'm Dr. Yoshiko Hall.

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist with 12 years of experience working with individuals and couples.


I practice from a culturally-responsive and inclusive foundation, and I have extensive experience working with patients from various cultural, racial/ethnic, spiritual and religious backgrounds.

In particular, I feel passionate about serving the Asians, and immigrant population. 

As an Asian immigrant myself, I understand our unique cultural challenges such as identity issues and intergenerational conflicts, and how cultural trauma and stressors can play a role in our mental health.


In addition to individual therapy, I enjoy working with couples who are in mixed race/ multicultural relationship, or encountering challenges due to factors related to race and culture.

I center my work around relationships because I believe relationships play a huge role in almost all of our struggles.

In my work with you, I can help you figure out why you react to others the way you do and what keeps you from connecting, how to communicate effectively, set appropriate boundaries, and develop deep and meaningful relationships with others.


I am also a writer.

My book on listening well to others was ranked No.1 on 5 different categories on Amazon Japan's Kindle book Bestseller list.

Prior to starting my practice, I worked at Saint Louis University and Baylor University Counseling Centers as a coordinator of multicultural services, to meet the needs of the patients from diverse backgrounds.

If you're finding yourself in the midst of difficulties and feeling stuck, I hope you reach out to me.

I would love to help you relieve your emotional suffering, develop healthy and meaningful relationships, and cultivate a more enriching life.

I’m happy to provide a 30-minute free phone consultation to answer any questions you may have, and see if I’m the right person to be of help to you.

Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology                
Wheaton College (APA Accredited Program)            
Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology                    
Wheaton College                        
Master of Science in Applied Educational Psychology            
Northeastern University (NASP Accredited Program)                


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology                        
Biola University         


I'm a member of American Psychological Association and St. Louis Psychological Association.

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